idXready Frontline Management: Leveraging the Strengths of Your Style
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Program Overview

Managers have incredible influence. Their strengths can empower and energize the people who work for them. And of course their limitations can trickle down to create frustration, confusion, or even paralysis for those they manage. This program gives managers a safe, fun way to understand the strengths and challenges that they bring to the table. They gain a greater appreciation for the impact that their behavior has on others, and they discover how others may respond to their style. The goal of this program is to learn how to leverage their management strengths, enabling both managers and their employees to be more effective.

Suggested Audience
Individuals who are in a supervisory role or first-level management. These individuals manage frontline employees, and perhaps an assistant manager.

Program Length
Approximately 3½ - 4 ½ hours. Breaks are not included in this time.

Learning Model Used

Online Assessment
Leader & Participant Guides
High Impact PowerPoint
Integrated Video
Frontline Manager